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Building : The typical process explained

April 6, 2016

There exist multiple pathways for a residential project to be realised in built form . To assist your understanding of the process, we have prepared the following diagram. Please note, the diagram is for indicative purposes only. Your project, site, budget and program may trigger other steps or types of contractual arrangements not listed in the process below. […]

Planning : The typical process explained

April 6, 2016

The Victorian planning process can be a difficult one to navigate for the first time. To assist your understanding of the process, we have prepared the following diagram. Please note, the diagram is for indicative purposes only. Your project, site and overlays may trigger other steps or consultants not listed in the process below. Please contact […]

FREE : Booklet Download

December 8, 2015

Click HERE to sign up to our Journal and download Roadmap to your Future Home for FREE featuring articles of particular relevance to Australian Home projects :  The Planning & Building processes explained  What Style should my Home be?  Do I need a Planning permit?  What consultants to I need?  Should I be an Owner-Builder?  What is […]

FREE : 1 – Hour Consultation

December 7, 2015

Planning a multi-residential development, new home, extension to an existing home, or commercial building? Not sure what can be achieved on your site? Let Atelier Red+Black review your project goals. – Discover opportunities for you to build smarter – Identify potential feasibility traps with council before you invest – And more… Enter your details below to […]

10 reasons to use an Architect for your next Project

May 30, 2014

  Say you have a little project for your home bubbling away in your mind. You think its an easy/simple one. All you need… is a builder to implement it. Right? Wrong. As mentioned recently on the Grand Designs Australia website : Every year, thousands of Aussies build new homes, or renovate and extend their existing […]

Interview with Bookmarc

April 28, 2014

Recently Sonia and Michael sat down with Bookmarc for an interview to introduce Atelier Red + Black. This is part of an ongoing series of interviews with established and emerging design professionals.     Bookmarc is a website that connects the design professional and home renovating market with sourcing building products and interior materials.  


A word from our clients.

Linda & Jonathan

“Atelier Red+Black are experienced, incredibly responsive and provide us with timely answers and architectural details. They balanced the architectural vision and our project realities beautifully. They also work collaboratively with our other consultants and contractors to ensure that all of our vision, program and objectives are met. We feel very lucky to be their clients.

We would have no hesitation in recommending them to our friends and wish them all the best.”

Linda & Jonathan
Robyn & David

“By having an Architect involved, your idea base is broadened. I couldn’t have come up with the concept that ultimately fitted the brief so well. Atelier Red+Black’s design has actually expanded the backyard – making it more visible, drawing your eye up and making it a bigger space. It has undoubtedly enhanced the value of the property dramatically, provided a unique element that has enhanced the outdoor as well as the living space. It makes the living area appear twice as large.”

Robyn & David

“Being an investment property, the project budget was set with a focus on commercial returns as much as good design. Atelier Red+Black interpreted my vision for the project adeptly and offered many options along the journey to completion. Unlike many designers, they manage their creative ego well and I was impressed with their hands-on practical approach and clever design ideas.

I would be happy to engage Atelier Red+Black again for future projects.”