Project Type : Garden Pavilion + Small Project

Location : Mount Waverley, Melbourne

Status : Completed


The pavilion responded to the classic suburban roof profile


The pavilion hovers above the rose garden, draws the eye up and expands the living room. A play of light and shadow enlives it during the day.


The modular design achieved excellent value for the client during construction.


The space has a hand-crafted feel, heightening the experience of the rose garden.


A small, well-considered project can make a big impact to a home

(Photography credits : Nic Granleese)

Rose Garden Origami is an attached garden pavilion which has been carefully crafted to capitalise on outdoor living space. The Pavilion mediates between a tranquil, north-facing rose garden and the internal living areas of a suburban (Mount Waverley) townhouse. The unique nature of the pavilion is generated through the innovative folded pattern of the vivid white metal sheets. The art of Origami (which is fashioned exclusively by hand) informed the detailed design of the panels. This fully-modular system carefully modulates daylight and gives the space a hand-crafted feel, heightening the experience of the rose garden.  Its modular design also achieved excellent value for money for the client during construction. Unlike other shade structures which are often driven by the need to be fully-enclosed, this Pavilion instead seeks to capture the ever-changing nature of daylight. Its open nature creates a delightful play of light and shadow upon the deck and living room.  The design was partly inspired by the shape of the classic suburban roof profile.

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