Rate My Building is a research project we are currently undertaking.

Architects often rely on their own observations and experiences when imagining new buildings for the public to use. The objective of this research project is to draw a better picture of what Australians think of their existing buildings, be it their homes, or their work places and to share the insights with design community.

Every day architects across Australia are designing the next generation of buildings for our cities, suburbs and towns. Whilst these buildings are being designed for everyone to use and hopefully love, a large question remains over what people like and dislike about their current buildings. Are they the right size? Are they functional? What functions do they perform well and how can they be improved?

Our research aims to unearth answers to questions like these so that architects can design even better buildings in the future.


Perhaps Australians are unhappy with how difficult their homes are to keep at the right temperature? Perhaps we need larger apartments or smaller houses? Unless we ask, it is difficult to know for sure. With the internet and social media tools now available, there has never been a better time to find out.

So go ahead, try Rate My Building today!


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