Project Type : Summer Pavilion + Design Competition

Location :  Grollo Equiset garden, NGV International

Status : Stage 1 entry

In the Trump era of nationalism, populism and xenophobia, architecture more than ever needs to advocate for social justice. The Endless Summer Pavilion takes the opportunity, free from the pragmatic concerns of private patronage, to ask very hard questions about who we are as Australians and what are our values. At its core, it transports those experiencing it to a beach-like setting. It is here where children can play with innocence in the sand, whilst the adult experience ponders the horrific reality of an endless summer.

“Everything is art, Everything is politics” Ai Weiwei

If architecture is to have any relevance in the 21st century then it must engage with difficult issues in difficult times. It cannot merely be the plaything of the rich and powerful. At its heart, architecture needs to be for the public good. It should inspire us and enrich us. It should connect us to our humanity, dragging us there, kicking and screaming if need be.

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