Project Type : Heritage Renovation + Residential Extension

Location : Hawthorn, Melbourne

Status :Under Construction – Completion Dec 2017

View from backyard towards extension

The stair to the extension is visually and formally expressed. Privacy screens are made from powder-coated aluminium angles.


Located in a quiet cul-de-sac of an inner-city suburb  , this home was described by our clients, a couple,  as their ‘forever house’. They shared with us their daily routine and how the current home was sometimes unable to meet their needs. They also wanted zoning that could accommodate visiting relatives and different routines when one of  them travelled extensively.  A compact site and heritage overlay meant that the ground floor could be altered but not extended. After rigorously exploring options we were able to put forward an upper-level extension that would neatly fit together the additional programs and seamlessly integrate with the ground floor alterations and existing envelope. Thus instead of moving ‘into’ the backyard, the home extended in ‘parallel’ to the ground floor plane. Our clients’ sensitive understanding of their needs has led to dialogue that has resulted in a unique design that will fit their needs now and into the future. It also intuitively takes cues from and references the heritage fabric of weatherboard and corrugated iron of the original portion of the home.

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