NAA19_ESignature5 - Shortlist

Project Type : Residential Extension

Location : Northcote

Status : Completed

Cascade (noun)

series of shallow waterfalls, either natural or artificial

Our design approach was to tap into many of the characteristics of the existing home and area. The brick palette is continued and celebrated along the western wall with a corbel detail that is a inspired by one of the many art-deco ceilings that are a distinct feature of the existing dwelling – one of the chief reasons our clients fell in love with their home. As avid gardeners our clients also wanted the extension to express their connection to the garden and nearby creek. This is captured in the projecting gutter that funnels rainwater from the roof via a rain-chain into the nearby garden beds. The roof-line also inverts the traditional hip roof in order to capture northern light for living rooms/bedrooms and softer southern light for bathrooms. A simple low-profile entry and linkway connects the old and new portions with a private courtyard and lightwell.

Cascade House is a contemporary extension to a solid-brick 1940’s semi-detached home in Northcote. The stepped forms of the extension also cascade towards the rear backyard, creating a gradual transition to the north-facing garden beyond.


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