Project Type : Heritage Alteration and Addition + Commercial Development

Location : Camberwell, Melbourne

Status : Planning approval granted by VCAT


View from main frontage showing the Heritage mansion linked to the newer development. The visual identity of the new addition complements the Heritage fabric and is screened along the streetscape by landscaping



The new addition evolves on the corner to take on a more contemporary expression

A curvaceous strip ties together the streetscapes, allowing the reception areas to visually extend and borrow the landscape

Entry is via a new ‘Link’ that will connect the Old and New built fabric, allowing staff and visitors to orientate easily within the complex


Dealing with a significant Heritage dwelling is always a special challenge and one that we particularly enjoy. We firmly believe that an addition to a Heritage context should be visibly contemporary and doing so does not diminish the original fabric, but enhances it’s unique qualities and rarity.  This commercial redevelopment project alters the use of the existing Heritage Mansion into modern Medical-consulting suites, which is then complemented by a Contemporary two-storey addition with a similar program. The addition employs advances in modern construction techniques to enable more fluid geometries in its built-form, in contrast to its surroundings. The new development includes a Mobius element to unify the streetscapes and allows the glazed reception areas below to better connect to the surrounding landscape. Carefully calibrated connections, materials and use of colour enable the new addition to complement the existing Heritage Mansion. The proposed Medical centre redevelopment will complement other nearby community-health providers nearby – including aged-care, disability support services and dentistry.

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